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  • What services do you offer? / What services do you offer?
    Good morning! Biotech-Evolving provides 3 types of services: 1) Vitality assessments and support in personal development 2) Naturo-energetic treatments by scalar waves and sound therapy 3) Energy digital products whose purpose is to support the body and mind in their natural healing process in complementarity with conventional medicine
  • I would like to book a one-off service. How can I proceed? / I would like to book a one-off service. How can I proceed?
    To book a service, first go to one of the categories: companies/individuals Then click on the ''book'' button that suits you. There is a specific button for "assessments" and "coaching" (which will be done via instagramma in writing. However, I recommend the "Le Chemin du Feu" formula for emotional release internationally). For other reservations, click on the "one-off reservations" button. If you are already on the booking page for assessments or other services, you will be asked to select from the dates offered those that suit you best. Then, validate the preference option if it is asked of you (on the left of your screen) and finally validate to proceed with online payments.
  • Which products do you sell in the e-shop?/ What products do you sell in the e-shop?
    Biotech-Evolving being specialized in naturo-energetic has developed therapeutic sound frequencies studied to help the body to support deficiencies / excesses but also other symptoms due to certain pathologies or disease. We would like to remind you that this type of product is only a complementary approach according to the WHO. Under no circumstances do these treatments replace medical treatment. You can also find sessions based on the use of frequencies such as amino acids, minerals and trace elements in the appropriate section by clicking on the "sound therapy sessions" button.
  • How do formulas work? / How do formulas work?
    The formulas are services of three consecutive months. Each formula contains a specific trial program free of charge for a given period. The trial period having expired, the payments of the sums indicated will be made each month until the intentional renewal of the customer.
  • What is a self-session of sound therapy? How can I access it?
    A self-session is a sound frequency recorded according to the vital function to be rehabilitated. It was determined by a scientist at the Kennebunk National Institute using the speed of sound and light, as well as molar mass and Planck's constant. Self-sessions are accessible from the menu bar. By going to the "self-sessions" section, a drop-down menu appears. This menu contains different sessions corresponding to the formulas offered. Thus, each access varies depending on the formulas you have chosen. Example the formula ''Cellular Resonance" gives access to the "Cellular Resonance" which makes it possible to treat symptoms linked to the disruption of various vital functions.
  • Can you find out more about the services and packages dedicated to individuals?
    Of course. Biotech-Evolving offers several services and packages dedicated to individuals. These services and formulas are focused on physical and psycho-emotional/mental well-being thanks to the naturo-energetic approach through the practice of decoding and sound therapy. CONCERNING THE SERVICES OFFERED BY BIOTECH-EVOLVING: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Personal development consists of supporting the individual in their psycho-emotional/mental well-being. During the support, the therapist will be led to identify the blockages that prevent them from flourishing in their personal and psycho-emotional relationships: These dietary deficiencies and excesses His general addictions (food and others) Limiting beliefs and defense mechanisms Once the blockages and their causes have been clearly identified, the therapist supports the client in deprogramming them and gradually rebuilding their consciousness and well-being by proceeding as follows: following: Studies of potential and resources Deprogramming limiting beliefs Releases from psycho-emotional blockages Reconnection to its resources and potential Natural energy therapy This type of service is offered in three different forms: Cosmic approach: dedicated to people who find it easy to identify blocking patterns in others, but who tend to reproduce patterns in their own relationships, and who have difficulty making them aware fleeing their problems through action and consumption of the materiality of life (consumption of pleasure to escape psychological pain) Cosmo-telluric approach: dedicated to people affected by both cosmic and telluric blockages Telluric approach: dedicated to people who tend to avoid action, or to procrastinate to the point of self-sabotage by over-intellectualizing things. Generally, these people are extremely intelligent but can be blocked by this aspect, although positive, in their active life. They have very good self-knowledge, but need to balance themselves through actions that have a lot of meaning for them. ENERGY DECODING Energy decoding as seen previously is an energetic approach which makes it possible to identify life habits and other causes responsible for health disorders and psycho-emotional blockages. Decoding is offered according to customer needs in three different forms. Physiological and dietary decoding: This type of decoding focuses solely on the client's eating habits and therefore makes it possible to identify relatively precisely and clearly on the one hand, Eating behavior problems: Excesses and deficiencies Chewing problems Problems with rhythms or eating cadence and on the other hand, Quality and food content issues: Poor quality water Products incompatible with living organisms (food poisoning/poisoning, non-food products ingested having repercussions on biological functioning, etc.) Processed food products (industrial products) Non-organic food (industrial products) but also, Energy problems having a physical impact on vital functions and organic tissues such as: Decoding of the respiratory system (lungs, trachea, etc.) Decoding of the cardiovascular system (blood circulation, heart, etc.) Decoding of the immune system (lymphatic system, thymus, spleen, etc.) Decoding of the genitourinary system (kidneys, bladder, genitals, etc.) Decoding of the integumentary/skin system (layers, secretions and various skin functions) Decoding of the digestive system (liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, intestine, etc.) Decoding of the endocrine system (endocrine glands and hormones) Psycho-emotional decoding: This type of decoding is solely focused on the psycho-emotional aspect of the client's life. The session will therefore consist of identifying, through their energy centers and level of consciousness, the emotions and their causes (fears and limiting beliefs) which block the client in their development and the achievement of their objectives. In Hinduism these centers are called chakras and are intimately connected to our unconscious and our subconscious. They are the doors to our interiority and to the world and act at the psychosomatic level. A good knowledge of how they work in the various aspects of our lives allows for better management of our emotions and stress, thus preventing psychosomatic problems. FULL DECODING: This type of decoding includes on the one hand the physiological and nutritional aspects of the client's life, and on the other hand the psycho-emotional aspect of the client.< /p> RAD QUANTUM HEALING This is an energetic treatment, which consists of several sessions, to be transferred through the use of the terrestrial and individual electromagnetic fields, but also through the radiation of various natural therapeutic substances, to support the vital force and its physical and emotional self-healing process. This service includes three types of care: Light Care Healing Medium Care Healing Total Regeneration Care Program of a session: The customer will have reserved their service one week in advance. This protocol allows on the one hand the therapist to prepare and get in condition, and on the other hand to carry out the consultation phase delayed before the phase of treatment. Consultation phase / Decoding: Careful listening (symptom, illness, life course) Study and determination of blockages and problems: Liver / Gallbladder (Anger Management) Stomach / Spleen / Pancreas (Stress and anxiety management/ruminations) Kidneys / Bladder (Fear management) Small Intestines / Heart (Euphoria Management) Lungs / Colon (Sadness Management) Determining the lifestyle to adopt to correct the disorders Disorder treatment phase: Mental conditioning of the client: It is recommended to drink water before, or to consume a restful/relaxing infusion to allow the body and mind to prepare to receive the treatment. I also advise against the consumption of any form of stimulant. Start of treatment session: Light Care Healing: This type of treatment is only focused on the external appearance of the human body. In other words, Light Care Healing focuses on the physical aspect and is functional by remotely transmitting quantum information such as trace elements, essential oils, and others natural products. The vibrational information of these substances is energized and transferred to the subject to be treated. Medium Care Healing: This type of care integrates the psycho-emotional aspect of the human being. In other words, it works on rebalancing the energetic body, the dysfunctions of which have had physical repercussions (shingles, eczema, physical pain due to stress, etc.) Total Regeneration care: This type of care integrates all aspects of the human being. It deals with the physical and functional aspect, but also the psycho-emotional aspect. The energetic body will therefore be treated and balanced, and personalized lifestyle advice, particularly on the manner and quality of nutrition, will be addressed to better fix the treatment and make it more effective. BIOWAVES THERAPY: This type of treatment could resemble Rad Quantum Healing with one difference. The device is intended for the treatment of significant psychosomatic disorders and the rehabilitation of vital functions seriously impaired by the disease (chemotherapeutic treatment, cancers, and others). The quantum information that will be sent will thus contribute to the reduction of symptoms linked to illnesses and serious treatments, but also to the rehabilitation of impaired vital functions. In addition, this type of treatment is no longer offered in number of sessions but in time. In other words: 28 consecutive days of treatment (1 week break/cycle) 56 consecutive days of treatment (1 week break/cycle) 84 consecutive days of treatment (1 week break/cycle) 112 consecutive days of treatment (1 week break/cycle) SCALAR HOMEOPATHY: This service makes it possible totransmit quantum information via photographic media on common foodstuffs, in order to support the vital functions of the body and treat disorders felt during illnesses. Most of the time, water is a medium often used, but the information only remains stable for a period of 72 hours. We will therefore prefer to use supports such as: Consumer vegetable oil (preferably organic and cold pressed) Apple cider vinegar (preferably organic) Honey (preferably organic) because the content of minerals and trace elements will allow the information to become denser and therefore to physically persist on the food support. SOUND THERAPY: Sound therapy is a therapeutic approach, which allows, through the use of specific sound frequencies, to accompany the vital force of the body. the individual in his natural self-healing processby freeing the body and the organism from its nervous and muscular tensions on the one hand and by re-educating the functions of the ;organismon the other hand. For people living outside the region or abroad, independent sessions to release emotions and support vital functions, pre-recorded. It is advisable to go through a first decoding to know the session that best corresponds. DECODING AND ANIMAL ENERGY CARE This type of treatment is similar to RAD QUANTUM HEALING except that it is aimed at animals. CONCERNING THE FORMULAS OFFERED BY BIOTECH-EVOLVING These are packages bringing together several specialized wellness services. These packages are offered separately depending on the aspect that the individual wishes to work on, in other words: Physical and functional: SEE HERE< /a> Psycho-emotional / Spiritual: SEE HERE
  • What are the general conditions of sale for Biotech-Evolving services?
    Biotech-Evolving applies specific general conditions of sale for all services. One-off sessions reserved: First of all, and you will have the opportunity to notice this, each one-off session will take place at least one week in advance before the date and time determined on the page reservation concerned. Regarding delays, these will only be tolerated 3x if and only if the customer has taken the trouble to telephone beforehand and provide justification for circumstances beyond his control, the ;having made it impossible to honor the appointment. Any absence or delay without proof or beyond the quota will still give rise to an invoicing of the session. If the client wants a new session, they will then have to rebook and reschedule a date. Therapeutic formulas: When the customer buys a formula, he is not paying for a specific number of sessions but for unlimited access for 3 months of care to a page of several sessions of different categories according to the formula purchased. Billing will therefore take place every month on the same day on which the purchase was determined. For this type of online purchase, the law authorizes the customer to withdraw before 14 days if the latter does not ;has not consumed the service. It is also possible tocancel the formula with complete peace of mind in the member areareserved for this purpose. Digital products: Biotech-Evolving sells digital products such as sound frequencies to support everyone in their well-being. However,there is not yet an article allowing you to claim a refundfor this type of product. What the law says regarding T&Cs: CLICK HEREto read about it
  • What is Biotech’s privacy policy?
    Biotech Evolving is a micro-enterprise created on March 15, 2018 by Mr. Thibaut Maysouète to promote health and well-being through the practice of naturo-energetics. Naturo-energetics is a set of natural techniques which consist of studying and understanding the functioning of the individual to determine the possible cause(s) of one or more pathologies and/or diseases by providing solutions through lifestyle advice on the one hand, and to practice specific energy therapy according to the pathology manifested and the state of the vital force of the individual. Consultations and naturo-energetic therapies take place by appointment in Bouscat and in the surrounding area Or teleworking (Whats'app Business telephone or video) 07 45 46 81 20 (France and online for foreigners) • The contact details collected are strictly personal: First and last names Dates of birth Phone/Postal addresses/emails • The contact details collected are intended to communicate to customers-consumers commercial news from Biotech-Evolving, namely: New digitized products (sounds, works and shape waves). Promotional campaigns relating to the various services offered. The contact details are alsoused as a reminder in the event of unpaid services or products. They will be kept until the customer decides to have them removed by expressly requesting it by email or post
  • What currencies are accepted by Biotech-Evolving?
    Hello. It is true that Biotech-Evolving is developing internationally, several currencies are accepted in order to facilitate exchanges with our customers. In order to know them, I encourage you to watch this video by clicking on this link. You will thus have access to all the currencies taken into account by Biotech Evolving: https://www. -------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Good morning. It is true that Biotech-Evolving developing internationally, several currencies are accepted in order to facilitate the exchange with our customers. In order to know them, I encourage you to watch this video by clicking on this link. You will thus have access to all the currencies taken into account by Biotech Evolving:
  • What payment methods are accepted by Biotech-Evolving?
    Biotech-Evolving accepts several types of payments: Stripe Paypal IDeal Alipay Online bank transfer Offline payments (checks, cash) To choose them, all you have to do is select the method that suits you during the transaction when they are offered to you.
  • Can I pay in installments if I am financially limited/restricted?
    Obviously... Biotech-Evolving is fully aware that the level of income and personal resources vary from one country to another. This is why Biotech-Evolving has established a payment system in installments. To do this, you will have to proceed exactly as follows: 1) Register on Biotech-Evolving as a member (remember to enter your email address): this way, I can open a frequency treatment session for you. 2) Contact me through the site in the chat or through WhatsApp Business to provide me with the service or formula you want in several installments, remembering to indicate how many installments you agree to pay. 3) Receive the personalized link adapted to the service 4) Set your first cycle. 5) I will then open you from your session on Biotech-Evolving by authorizing you access to the sessions chosen during the period of the formula or I will send you the frequencies purchased.
  • Can Biotech-Evolving be translated into different languages?
    Biotech-Evolving works every day on the development of the translation tool and the quality of understanding of its content for foreign countries. Currently, the site is translated into: English Chinese Hindi How can the content be translated? Two methods exist for translating Biotech-Evolving content. The first is simply to click on the flag at the top left of the screen and select the chosen language. The second is to use the "weglot" by clicking on the translate button at the bottom right of the screen, then select the desired language from the list provided. I recommend using weglot because it includes the translation of reservation pages, formulas and payment interfaces. Example: Page in French Page translated into English Page translated into Hindi
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